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Travel Insurance Traps

How To Safeguard Your Jewellery Overseas

Get the Protection You Need

If you’re travelling overseas and taking your precious jewellery with you, you’ll want to be sure it's protected. Many people assume that travel insurance covers their valuable items, but often don’t realise that special conditions apply to jewellery. So how well does travel insurance really protect your jewellery overseas? Let’s find out.

Investigating Travel Insurance For Jewellery

Travel insurance typically covers items like electronics. But valuable belongings like jewellery, that exceed a set value may require specification, often at a higher premium Many insurers limit specified items to $10,000 each and $15,000. For items valued above this limit, owners may have less control over repair or replacement choices


Where Travel Insurance Falls Short

Travel insurance often imposes strict conditions on valuables. For instance, jewellery may not be covered if stolen from your hotel room without using the provided safe, or taken from your beach towel while swimming. These situations may be deemed as leaving your jewellery "unattended," voiding coverage for valuables.

Claiming for Jewellery With Travel Insurance

Many travellers with jewellery encounter a cumbersome claims process with certain travel insurers. This involves police reports, interviews, and multiple quotes from jewellers. Even after this process, you may face significant depreciation of precious items, and the insurer may retain the final say on where the replacement must be done.


The Truth About Travel Insurance


A survey by Personal Finance Insider found that 62% of travellers did not purchase travel insurance.


18% of people with travel insurance made a claim due to loss, theft or damage.


Of those who made a claim, about half were satisfied with the outcome, while half were not.

Specialised Jewellery Insurance May Be The Solution

Whether home or abroad, safeguarding your jewellery is best achieved with specialised insurance like Q Report. You’ll enjoy comprehensive coverage that avoids these travel insurance traps, giving you peace of mind on your vacation.

What are the Benefits of Q Report Jewellery Insurance?

Worldwide Coverage

Get global protection for your jewellery wherever you travel. 

Loss, Theft & Damage Cover

Enjoy comprehensive cover for your most valuable items.

Return To Your Preferred Jeweller

Have your jewellery replaced by someone you know and trust.

Why Choose Q Report?

Agreed Value Policy

Cover for the agreed amount on your policy, not “up to” an amount.

No Impact Claims

If you do make a claim, your premium won’t go up. 

Trusted In-House Team

Our customer service & claims process is rated 5 stars by clients.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Jewellery Insurance

Get the highest-rated protection for your valuables and vacation with confidence.


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