The Chubb Story

Chubb has been a prominent name in the insurance industry since 1882 when Thomas Caldecott Chubb and his son Percy began insuring merchant ships and cargoes from offices near the New York City seaport. Over time, the company branched out into commercial property and casualty insurance and personal insurance.

For more than a century, Chubb has been building a reputation as one of the world’s pre-eminent insurers – providing innovative coverage and unrivalled service for owners of fine homes and possessions.

More than 31,000 employees – throughout offices in 54 countries – serve Chubb’s customers worldwide.

Chubb understands what you expect when it comes to insurance “We know that proper stewardship means more than just buying an insurance policy.

We are excited and pleased about combining our expertise with the Jewellers Loop Pty Ltd to provide you with this world first combined Quantum Report and insurance product.”

The only question you need to ask yourself when you look at that beautiful piece of jewellery is
“How fragile is your dream? How solid is your coverage”

Chubb concurs;
“QReport – the absolute confidence to buy something beautiful!”