Policy Definitions

In your policy, we use words in their plain English meaning. Words with special meanings are defined here:

Business means any full or part-time employment, trade, occupation or profession.

Deductible means that amount We will subtract from any covered loss We pay.

Occurrence means a loss or accident or damage or a series of losses, accidents or damages arising out of any one event to which this insurance applies occurring within the Policy period, irrespective of the number of claims. Continuous or repeated exposure to substantially the same general conditions unless excluded is considered to be one occurrence.

Policy means this entire Chubb Policy and the Coverage Summary.

Policy Period means the period of cover shown in Your most recent Coverage Summary. Coverage Summary means the most recent

Coverage Summary We issued to You.

Representative means the person or entity named as Our Representative in Your Coverage Summary.

You and Your means the person named in the Coverage Summary and a spouse (legal or defacto) who lives with that person or a person to whom You have given the Valuable Article to as a gift who is an immediate family member is ordinarily residing with that person.

We, Our and Us means Chubb Insurance Australia Limited ABN 23 001 642 020 AFSL Number 239687.

Valuable Article means the article for which a sum insured is shown in your Coverage Summary.