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Checklist - Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring isn’t always a straightforward process. For many people, it’s a rollercoaster of research and the constant question of whether you’re getting a good deal.

 This checklist aims to give some direction to your engagement ring research, so you can shop with confidence and find that perfect stone.



Have you decided on a budget?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by options when shopping for engagement rings. Deciding on a budget will narrow the playing field and let you focus your energy on realistic products.
Have you decided on the carat weight?

Carat weight is an important consideration in diamond shopping. Remember, if your partner has their heart set on a 1.5ct stone (approximately 7.4mm in diameter), chances are they'll be underwhelmed if you deliver a 0.50ct diamond.
Have you decided on the diamond cut?

Do you know if your partner will prefer a pear or a princess, or a briolette or a brilliant? Research the many different types of stone cuts and consider the stylistic statement of each.
Have you decided on the diamond colour?

Diamond colour has one of the biggest impacts on how the ring looks on someone’s hand. Fashionable luminescent colours may appear trendy in the store, but classic white stones are timeless. To get the most accurate sense of the gem’s colour, ask to inspect a diamond that isn’t already set in a ring.
Have you decided on the ring metal?

Just like the stone itself, the band of your ring can come in countless shapes, materials and styles. Generally, you’ll be looking at a few options when deciding on metal: rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum.
Have you decided on the diamond setting?

The setting (how your diamond is fixed to the band) is a defining stylistic feature of the ring. Like stone cuts, there are countless setting styles, and each has its pros and cons. Well-known styles include prong settings and bezel settings.
Are you confident that each of these elements works well together?

You might have found a large and well-cut stone and a top-shelf platinum band, but if all of these elements don’t work cohesively, the ring won’t reach its potential. Certain stones deserve certain settings, cuts and ring metals. Again, turn to your jeweller for advice.
Have you considered engraving the ring?

Engraving your ring can add an extra element of personalisation, however this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your inscription should be simple, personal and not cliché, and your ring should easily lend itself to be engraved (with a wide band surface).
Have you found a trusted jeweller to work with?

Once you’ve progressed in your research, it’s time to seek the personal advice of a trusted jeweller. They should be your source of advice, inspiration and great quality stones - find a Q Certified jeweller in your area on our website.
Do you know your partner's ring size?

Engagement rings can usually be easily resized, although some settings make this more difficult than others. However, you’ll want to be as close as possible the first time around. Find out their size by tracing one of their rings.
Are you confident that you understand your partner's tastes?

All of your blood, sweat, tears and paychecks would have been in vain if you misinterpreted your partner's taste in jewellery from the start. Don’t cut corners and don’t make assumptions - ask their friends and family and seek the advice of your jeweller.
Have you insured your purchase?

When it comes to protecting your jewellery, home and contents insurance falls short. Specialised jewellery insurance like Q Report allows you to enjoy the ring without fear of damage or theft. And if the worst case scenario happens and you need to make a claim, you’re covered for up to 125% of the agreed value, and able to return to your original jeweller to get a replacement.

Learn more about why protecting your ring with Q Report is the smarter choice, and get an instant quote below.